Botswana Quartet

Botswana Quartet

Four stories of Botswana are from two recent trips. At the invitation of my niece and her husband, who were finishing a longer trip, I joined them and others of my family on a budget safari. The need for flexibility and patience reminded me of my travels when I was Annies age.

After two days of driving from Johannesburg, we spent two days and a night at the in the Okavango Delta with minimal gear. I like to Be Prepared, but wasn’t this time. I enjoyed the total experience though some moments challenged me. I especially enjoy looking back on those moments now that I am home again.

Crossing the Zambezi River from Botswana to Zambia turned out to be far from the usual boring waits that are typical of African border crossings. Smugglers, pirates, uncertainty and high drama!

The Family Five

My previous visit to the delta was a on a birding tour. !Xigera Lodge is located dead center of the delta and is isolated from settlements. Only lodge visitors have access to thousands of wetland acres and the abundant wildlife. Many bird species are unique to the area. Our travels were supported with luxurious attention fit for a queen.

One Dinner in the Delta was the weekly cultural experience. It was not one I remember with fondness.


Photos were taken by the author, Reed Harrison and Allen Denison and a guest on the boat.