Two from Peru

Two from Peru

On birding trips, my first priority is the birds. Insights take a while to emerge. To enrich the experience I like to write what comes to mind after I return home. A recent trip to Northern Peru spawned the following two pieces.

Mountain-Toucan (RWebster photo)

Northern Peru draws birders for the birdy habitat yet to be fully researched and explored. I joined a Field Guides trip in November of 2011, my first trip to South America in several years. I had done previous trips with both Rose Anne Rowlett and Richard Webster and knew them to be excellent guides as well as enjoyable company. They graciously shared photos from the trip to illustrate these pieces, as noted (RARowlett and RWebster).

Gifts from Shy Birds tracks one step in my evolution as a birder. As beginner, I loved ducks in breeding plumage. Easy to identify for many reasons. Certain families, like sparrows and gulls, were glossed over in favor of colorful, big or slow birds. Now I am beginning to appreciate birds in those difficult families.

Field Guides promises the best accommodations available. Be warned. There may not be many choices. I like basic accommodations; no frills but clean with a bed, a bathroom and hot water if the climate calls for it. We don’t spent much time in our rooms anyway. Basic is one account worth remembering.